More Ways to Waste Energy

Welcome back to a new #WineWednesday drinking gadget feature. This week I’m hopping mad and not because this week’s gadget keeps your drink warm. I’m here to say we need to stop creating gadgets like the USB Beverage Cup Cooler and Warmer in the video below. Like we don’t already use way more energy than we need. Drink your beverage while it’s hot or cold, or get your ass up to reheat it or add a few ice cubes. Enough said.

Wine Wipes

Happy #WineWednesday! Although I won’t be partaking today. I’m going in for part 2 of a root canal tomorrow and really don’t want to face the dentist with a wine headache. It’s bad enough going to the dentist (my greatest fear), so I’ll be saving the wine guzzling for after the torture session.

I’m back after a few years away from weekly wine blog posts. I’ve decided to bring back this fun event, but instead of reviewing wine, I’m highlighting wine and other liquor drinking gadgets.

Now here we go…

Can you believe this? Wine Wipes? These puppies remove that pesky red wine stain from your teeth. Their website is at if you’d like to buy.

Once upon a time, I knew someone who could use these wipes. Her teeth turned deep purple when she drank red wine. She had suffered from bulimia in her younger years and all the enamel on her teeth had been eaten away. So, if I ever see someone whip out Wine Wipes, guess where my mind is going?

Would I buy this product? No. First of all, I don’t even know if my teeth stain when I drink red wine, although I will probably check the next time I polish off a bottle. Well, if I remember. The main reason I’ll skip Wine Wipes is my ‘I don’t care’ attitude. That and once I would reach the point my teeth stain, I’m too tipsy to even think about whipping out some wipes to clean my teeth. And if I’m really drunk, I’ll likely pass out in bed without brushing my teeth. Anyway, my teeth are my last thought when I pop the cork. I guess this explains why I now need lots of root canals.

Halloween and Wine Mix

You gotta love search engines! All ya gotta do is type in ‘Halloween’ and ‘wine’ and look what you get.

Considering how may bottles of wine we go through in a month, I think I’ll make these this weekend.
There are a few more in 5 Spooktacular Wine Bottle Crafts in Woman’s Day magazine worth checking out.
Ghostly candle holders is a great way to scare people away from MY wine.

These are fun from
The Poison label would also work for me.
Another great way to stop people from drinking MY wine.

Time Magazine republished the article 7 Wines to Pair With Your Favorite Halloween Candy from Food & Wine.
What I want to know is why some candy pairs better with more expensive wines?
Seriously, I’d expect Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to pair best with Boones Farms Strawberry Hill wine for under $4.

Sour Patch Kids and 2012 Hogue Late Harvest Riesling, Washington State ($9)
Laffy Taffy and 2013 Quady Electra Moscato, California ($11)
Butterfinger and Pellegrino Sweet Marsala, Italy ($13)
Nerds and Dr. L Sparkling Riesling, Germany ($13)
Mr. Goodbar and Sandeman Tawny Port, Portugal ($15)
Nestle Crunch and 2012 Dashe Late Harvest Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley ($24)
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Emilio Lustau Solera Sherry, Spain ($37)

maek-your-own-glitter-pumpkin-cooler-this-is-such-a-cute-touch-for-a-halloween-partyBack to the DIY projects, this is pretty cool, posted by one of my favorite winemakers, La Crema.
Unless you’re Blaze and then you’ll probably prefer the one below.


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Zombie Wine Holders

This is a lame Wine Wednesday because I’ve been sick since Saturday. The chances of me consuming wine this evening are not likely. So I wanted to do something fun, especially with Halloween coming up, and here it is, zombie wine holders.

This is my favorite! I found this guy and bought him to add him to my Halloween decorations!


I’m a little shocked that these guys are holding white wine.



Hell yeah! First thing I’d want out of the grave during an apocolyse is wine too!.


And last but not least, one especially for Blaze McRob.
This is also for all the beer drinkers who invaded Denver’s Beer Festival
last weekend. I’m sure they all still feel like zombies.

Zombie Bottle Opener

Wine Review: Fuente Elvira


This is my favorite blogging day of the week and I’m too happy to be back here, talking about the reds, the whites and the potential hangovers.

This week I’m starting off with a wine review for a summer favorite. I found this wine at Costco of all places. We frequent a Costco liquor store that’s good about showcasing wines of all flavors and prices. Me and the handy dandy Vivino app circle the selections and search for low-cost and interesting flavors.

Fuente Elvira’s Verdejo is all around good and the wine intensifies as it warms to room temperature, which is why I love it so much. It pairs with about everything including chocolate. I thinks it’s the spicy vanilla flavors that make it one of my new favorites.

4.5 out of 5

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