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As Valentines day quickly approaches and considering my hubby pulled out a bottle of The Watchers from Fetish Wines for tonight, this post was a given. Hmmm . . . I wonder what he has planned this evening?

Let’s face it, we’re all suckers for a sexy wine label whether it’s the name of the wine or the picture on front. I can’t argue with all the articles I’ve read today, sex sells! And so I searched the Internet for the best of the best of the sexy wine labels and here are just a few that I found.

This is about the funniest one I’ve found today. I’m assuming they’re talking about the way the grapes hang on the vine, right?

Gentlemen, I’d be a little careful of what this ladies got between her legs.

My passion for pulp fiction would have me snatching this one off the shelf.

And just in case you’re not stimulating enough of your senses while watching porn.

I could go on all night with this post, but we’re almost finished with the Fetish wine and I’m getting the, “are you done with that post yet” look from the hubby. I’m off to put on a pair of boots similar to the ones on this label.

But before I zip up the boots, I’d like to include one sexy beer label for Blaze McRob. Considering all the hard work he does for the Press, I think he deserves a screaming Double Wench tonight.

I’d like to recognize a few of the websites that did a much better job than me, talking about these wines and beers. I suggest you check out these articles for more of the saucy labels:

Werewolves & Wine & Beer & Coffee

So sorry I’ve missed about a month of wine posts. I’ve been mismanaging my time lately. Time management is something I know so well I could write a book on it, but you gotta actually follow the practice. So I can’t even come up with a good excuse.

Werewolf with Wne by Michele Irving, an artist who works mainly with fabric, combining this with embroidery, paint and beads.

Anyways, if you’re on Twitter, you know that every day seems to have a theme or two or three. Being a writer, we try to support each other with #WriterWednesday promotions, although most just spam the twitter world with their own stuff. Don’t get me started.

There’s also #WineWednesday, obviously one of my favorite hashtags to search for on Wednesdays. Brings up some really cool blogs about wine I’ll save for another week’s post.

And . . . there’s #WerewolfWednesday. So I had to ask, what do you get when you combine wine with werewolves. First thing I found was the cute pin to the left. I thought about ordering one until I saw the $95 price tag. Seriously, these should be mass produced for $10. She’d be a millionaire. Well, maybe.

The next thing to catch my eye was a wine label. YAY! I love that wine makers have gone wild with labels, so why not name a wine ‘Werewolf.’ Heck, there’s a Vampire label. Comes in the usual Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio varietals. Perfect choices for any Halloween party is my thought.

The bad news is I found this post on about the damage to the liver from excessive drinking of alcohol. Man Turned Into Werewolf From Drinking Too Much Wine.

“He developed one of many different varieties of porphyria after being exposed to sunlight for a long period of time on vacation with his wife. At first, he thought it was just tan. Then his fingernails, and the skin on his hands started er.. coming off. Not to mention the excessive hair growth.”

Turns out there are other beverages dedicated to werewolves. Blaze will be happy to hear about Newcastle Werewolf, although it was only available in 2011. Maybe they’ll bring it back.

“Legend has it that a beast roams the moors and plains of Newcastle Upon Tyne. It’s part man, part wolf, and more than a little wild— the perfect inspiration for a Limited Edition ale. Newcastle Werewolf comes at you with a dark, startling aroma, a roasty flavor, and a final taste of hops that leaves you howling for more.”

And another one of my favorite hot beverages, that I can’t do without every morning, has a Wicked Wolf label by Reven’s Brew Gourmet. It’s more fairy tale but I’m counting it here as one I’ve gotta try.

“Got big eyes, big ears, big teeth? Are you cross-dressing? No one will notice when you serve this blend of highly select and exotic origins.

Intense, vibrant flavor in a balanced cup with a superb finish. Superlative after-meal coffee with awesome applications as accompaniment to chocolate desserts! Also available in Certified Organic form. Dark Roast.”

And speaking of coffee, it’s only 8:00 A.M., so I think I’ll go get me another cup.

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