Heart Stopping Terror Around Every Corner

great-horned-owlWhen we think about terror, the most horrific things come to mind like terrorists, natural disasters and plane crashes. But there are a number of things that happen in our everyday lives that set our hearts a pounding out of control. Typically, these are little things that come back to haunt us every time we encounter them, and it’s almost embarrassing to admit that we fear these things.

Let’s start the October Frights Blog Hop by confessing our fears and phobias. You know, those things around every corner that make us jump out of our skin. Here are three of mine:

Low Flying Birds and Insects: I’m most afraid of anything that sting. When I see a bee or wasp, I flail my arms and run for the hills. The very reaction that will get me stung. I know this is a stupid thing to do, but I do it anyway, every frickin’ time.

Generally, I’m not fond of things that dive bomb my head. Who is? A couple years ago I was outside before the sunrise, chasing a couple owls, trying to take pictures. They started to dive toward me with five foot wing spans. Let’s just say I won’t be repeating that experience anytime soon.

The Dentist: It’s not just sitting in the dentists chair, it’s the anticipation that an appointment is looming, and sitting in the waiting room is the worst. I turn into a five-year-old before every appointment. I don’t care how sweet and gentle a dentist’s nature, I see them ALL like this Steve Martin clip from Little Shop of Horrors.

howiepillowsOur Beagles Baying or Barking: If you’ve been around a beagle, you know how loud they are and how quickly any scent will set them off. They can be sweet and adorable sleeping dogs one second and wailing the next. No matter how many times our two beagles go off, my heart races. Then I have to stop whatever I’m doing and figure out what got the hair up on their backs. Half the time it’s nothing more than the sadistic squirrel, I’ve named Rasputin, who spends half his day torturing Charlie and Howie.

Your turn…
What sets you off?

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