Bitchin’ About TV Shows and Stories That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Howdy all! Here’s what happened this week.

Upcoming Events

I’m joining A.F. Stewart’s Bloody Valentine event next month. I’ll be sharing a love gone wrong short story for the event.

I’m also hosting another blog post event for Women in Horror Month that will be a kind of blog tour of interviews with us women horror writers. Still working on the details and will post the schedule when it’s finalized.

The Movies

This week I bitched about season 6 of American Horror Story.

Initially, I liked the real crime-drama format. Something new and original for the series. I also liked that most of the main characters were played by two actors. But I also feel there were too many characters. I would have much preferred that they stuck to the historical story and ghost aspect of the theme. Throwing in the inbred family had it’s creep factor, but it wasn’t necessary. Without them, there could have been much better character development. READ MORE

The Stories

In an effort to read more fiction in 2017, I features a novel, anthology, or short story I’ve read and enjoyed over the past week. Below is this week’s read:

Rebirth by A. F. Stewart
This week I’m featuring the story Rebirth in Pen of the Damned, a clandestine collection of the most eclectic minds of horror. These anguished souls have stripped free their pretenses for your grotesque delight. Rebirth is a dark and poetic short story that gave me the chills. My skin crawled while I read. READ IT

This Week’s Release of The Courier

Chapter 8 of Warrant for Damnation was released on WattPad yesterday. This week, no one is happy to see Gita the demon that possesses Nina.CLICK HERE to read it from the beginning or GOT TO chapter 8.

How to Help Me This Week

Every week, I end the post nicely begging you to help promote my work. Here’s this week’s request:

I broke down and finally created a Facebook Like page. CLICK HERE to go like it.

Have a GREAT week!

Story a Day in May

I just joined Story a Day in May today. I had found this event last year and put it on the Visionary Press calendar, but forgot about it until I checked email this morning and found the reminder. At first I posted I wished I had time to do this event. Then I realized that was an excuse and decided to make time. This is the perfect challenge for me right now. I even dragged Blaze McRob and Lisa McCourt Hollar into this challenge. We’ll see if any of the other Visionary Press authors bite. Drop by hear daily to read a story. I’ll also post it on the Friday Frights website.

I personally plan to use this challenge to teach myself not to over edit my work. I’m only allotting 2 hours at most to write and edit each story. No limits on word count. Now I’m off to edit the first story. Wrote it in 30 minutes this morning.

* Re-published

1-A Flash of Green to Black

2-Big Betty*

3-Nightly Drawing

4-Missing Time

5-Millions Served

6-Had a Great Fall

7-Nearly Complete*

8-Fine Chopper Art

9-Ain’t No Guarantees*

10-Things from Planet X

11-The Price of Ugly*

12-Happy Mother’s Dead Day

13-Alive and Kicking

14-Eternally We Connect

15-Damn Postman

16-Merry Dead Soul*

17-The Hiding Place



20-Photo Enforced

21-The Fairy God Mother’s Fix

22-Make Him Take This Pill and I’ll Call You in the Morning

23-Lessons for Kittens

24-Brain Portal*

25-Tinkering Around*

26-Modern Day Convenience

27-Momma’s Boy*

28-Out of the Ordinary

29-Mrs. Sprat*



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