All I Want for Christmas…

I’m struggling for #WineWednesday topics again, although I did find this glass that sums up my wants for Christmas this year. Along with the glass of wine I’ll take a little piece and quiet. This holiday season has been insane with the birth of new family members and weddings between Christmas and New Years, as if the season isn’t busy enough. So, since Christmas is next Wednesday, I’ll say cheers and return to #WineWednesday next year. Happy holidays everyone!

The Perfect Wine Glass

Welcome back to #WineWednesday! Nothing to really add but the picture below. Love this idea although I think it’ll be kinda hard to drink from this, considering the size of a bottle. Anyways, I’ll be spending much of my day tweeting and looking for something to talk about next week. With the Christmas holiday coming up, shouldn’t be too hard. ENJOY your #WineWednesday!


Wine in the Black Box

#WineWednesday returns with wine in a box. We had to try Black Box after seeing the commercials. I guess every now and then marketing works. Things sure are changing in the world of wine. Last time I had wine in a box was at Thanksgiving years ago and it was the standard Franzia we all know so well. Have you seen the selection of boxed wine in the liquor and grocery stores the last few years? Oh my!

The process of boxing wine was invented in 1965. WOW! That long ago. And I thought boxed wine was an invention of the 80s. Oh, no, that’s when I first became a wino and the idea of more wine in one container was like Christmas.

Anyways, back to Black Box, it ain’t too bad. I wasn’t overly impressed with their Chardonnay, as in it was good but nothing to brag about. Their Pinot Grigio was much better.

Also interesting is that it prevents oxidation of the wine during dispensing and keeps the wine fresher for longer. Hey, orginic winemakers, you might want to think about moving to the bag.

Right now I’m sipping on Lindeman’s out of a box and it’s pretty consistent with their bottled wines. The only drawback I’ve seen so far is that it’s harder to limit us to one bottle of wine causing more headaches.

Wine Socks

baconsocksI totally forgot about #WineWednesday yesterday, so the post I had planned for this week will have to wait until next week. I did, however, come across these bacon socks on the Pinup Girl Clothing website. They got me to wondering if there are wine socks, which there are. What I also found was the best way ever to give socks as a gift. I mean, seriously, who really likes receiving socks as a birthday or Christmas present anyways. This way you’re double gifting at least one enjoyable gift and saving the environment from all that gift wrapping at the same time. This would easily work with just about any type of liquor. In my case, it will be bacon socks and liquor for all my friends this year at Christmas. I wonder if they make bacon gift tags?

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Movie Review: The Vineyard

James HongThis week my zombie movie review meets #WineWednesday, which is why I posted it today instead of yesterday. While looking for bad zombie movies I found The Vineyard, written, directed, and staring James Hong. You know . . . the host at the Chinese restaurant in Seinfeld. If you don’t know him by that role, just look at his face and some movie will pop into your mind if not 10 or 20. I bet you can even hear his voice.

TheVineyardI’m a HUGE fan and think Hong’s one of the all time best character actors ever, so I was excited to watch this one. Throw in that it was released in 1989 . . . . Who doesn’t love a B movie from the 80s with all the big hair, right. Well, this movie was not at all disappointing. Here’s what it’s about:

“Dr. Elson Po is one of the world’s most famous wine growers. He has a magic potion which has kept him handsome and alive during the centuries. However, lately the magic which rejuvenates him seem to be less and less effective. As a side project he make movies and invites a group of young, aspiring actors to his private island for a party, believing that the young, handsome actress Jezebel can be his new source of life.” —IMDB

There was a storyline in this one. Yes, a storyline, and it was pretty good. Hong plays Dr. Po with his usual villainous charm, and he’s even a little sexy. Lots of fun characters including Karen Lorre who plays Jezebel, cast perfectly considering she’s a 1982 Playboy Playmate.

I appreciated that they went more provocative than trashy with the sex, more like a 60s horror film. I was reminded of Christopher Lee’s sexy vampire films. In this case, girls chained from the ceiling in the dungeon in ripped clothing, but tastefully done with all the good parts partially exposed. And lots of sexy girls running around in the 80s style lingerie before bedtime.

The setting is an interesting location and I loved the atmosphere. In fact, I was impressed by how well it was filmed. I particularly loved Dr. Po’s laboratory/magic room, and when he was in there, watch out.

The Vineyard has endless cliche victims that will keep you laughing rather than make you want to turn off the TV. The zombies are one of my favorites, some buried and some roaming the vineyard. And there’s a spider scene you shouldn’t miss.

Since I like to keep my reviews short, I’ll close by saying there’s nothing in this film I didn’t like. I will watch this movie over and over again—already watched it twice. The only reason The Vineyard is rated poorly is because us cheesy horror movie lovers have not given it the attention it deserves. Get out there, guys! Watch it! Spread the word!

(Added to my FAV bad zombie movie list.)

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